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E-Surrey Kit With Batteries

E-Surrey Kit With Batteries

Electric Surrey conversion kit.

Note: This is not plug and play. It will require connecting wires and batteries and removing (cutting) the piece of bike frame that holds the brake hub in place. We are here to help guide you through installation, but if you are not handy, we do not recommend you try to install yourself. Please review the installation guide on our info page. The ekit will fit on all our Beach Surrey Bikes for double or single bench. It should fit on other manufacturers’ bikes, but we cannot guarantee it. Kit comes with a full rear driver side wheel with motor already installed - you will remove your current wheel and brake and attach the new wheel with motor and brake (requires a piece of frame to be cut off to fit)


This item is the kit with batteries which includes 5 x 12V sealed led acid batteries and a plastic box for housing as well as all other parts needed.


The kit comes with all wires and connections, metal box to house the wiring, controller, Digital display and controller, and pedal sensor (requires removing driver side crank to install). Please contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions. The motor is 60v 1500watt with 60v 32Ah lead acid battery. Has a digital LCD display to show your speed, distance, battery level and what gear you are in. 5 gears controlled by the display/controller. LED headlights can also be powered by the battery. The Max range is about 30 miles but can vary based on rider weights, inclines and average speed. Charging time is 8-10 hours. Do not overcharge or trickle charge. Do not charge in hot temperatures. Top speed is about 15mph on the single bench and 11mph on the double bench. There is a cadence sensor on the driver side pedal. This is a safety feature to ensure you are still on the bike and prevents the bike from 'ghost riding'.

Check out our electric surrey overview video as well as our installation guide.

Not intended to assist with hill climbs. This can burn out the motor.


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