UPDATE: WE are out of stock on double bench bikes. Our next shipment is expected to be ready in mid to late June. You can backorder these bikes to ensure you get one on the next shipment. With the global shipping issues, we couldn't get them here any quicker and our stock sold out much quicker this year. We do have single bench bikes but they are going fast!


A little recap of the past and present:

Since 2016, we  have helped connect clients with the best value in Surrey bikes on the market. We had an overwhelming response and sold out all our inventory in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2019 we worked to widen our range of bike options so that Beach Surrey has something to offer all of our customers. We are now offering electric pedal assist,  green and yellow color options, parts and accessories, the roadster model, and financing! 2019 was an amazing growth year for us. We added several new rental operators across the country and even our own local city as a customer.

In 2020 we were working hard to keep our prices low, but saw some cost increases with the new tariffs that were put in place and increased shipping costs. We have also added some other fun electric vehicles!

For 2021, we are working with several new rental operators and will try our best to keep items in stock. We are also looking into recumbent trikes and may be offering them after some testing. As always our team of professionals are here to help you every step of the way. 

Looking forward to 2022, we plan to restock a small quantity of the mini willys. The shipping costs have become too high so we must focus on our core product line with the Surrey Bikes. We hope freight cost will lower soon and will plan to have  more of them back in the future once costs allow. Manufacturing is at capacity and ocean freight is seeing huge delays, backlogs, and cost increases. We have been forced to increase our prices some to account for the cost rise. We will do our best to plan for the longer lead times and try to keep inventory in stock as best as possible. As always get order in early before the spring/summer to avoid the stock outs!

sunrise single bench blue.png


Full Electric Fun for Adults! Looks like the old WW! Willys Jeeps. With top speeds around 25 mph, these are not for the kids. Must be 16 to operate. 

2020-03-16 14.21.54.jpg

Sample Test Ride


2017-05-16 17.57.18.jpg


Some people call them a pedal go kart, recumbent bike, quad cycles, four wheel bikes, and many other names. We call them Surrey bikes, and we got you covered with any Surrey bike sales you may need!

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