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Electric Pedal Assist Overview Video for Surrey Bikes

Electric Pedal Assist is a great option to extend your Surrey ride and save your leg muscles. This is not intending to help with hill assist.

We currently offer Pre-installed electric assist surreys in blue and red, single and double bench

We also sell the electric kit add on

Electric pedal assist add on kits will fit any of our Surreys and require some work to install. They are fairly universal, but we cannot guarantee it will fit on another surrey model. It is not completely plug and play. You must be able to cut a piece of the bike frame and make electrical connections. Please contact us for details or if you would like to order the electric conversion kit. 

Please review the e-kit installation guide before purchase. Click here.  Be sure to watch the install videos below.

We recommend the ekit option with No Batteries, and purchase a lithium ion battery from Amazon

Affiliate links for Lithium ion battery suggestions from Amazon. 
(select 60V option)

Purchase today

financing options available!

How to Install the ekit Part I

How to Install the ekit Part II

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