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Used and Demo Surrey Bikes

We get asked all the time if we have any used or demo bikes available. Yes we do! However they often go very quickly. Many rental operators will scoop them up before we can get them listed. We will try to keep this page updated as we get any used or demo bikes available. We are also have a section below where others can contact us and share their posting for used bikes they are selling! 
These bikes are available for pickup in either Chesapeake, VA if assembled or Norfolk, VA if still in the box.

2022-10-12 07.44.52.jpg

Double Bench with electric Assist (needs some parts)  used $2800
Located in Whitney Point, NY

Single Bench Blue with Electric Pedal assist (scratch and dent) $3,600
Chesapeake, VA

2019-08-30 15.06.19.jpg


2020-04-11 11.55.09.jpg

Used Double Bench with electric motor assist installed - fully assembled $3800


Other used Surrey Bikes

Any bikes posted below here are not sold by nor will the sale be facilitated by Beach Surrey Bikes. We are simply trying to connect other surrey bike owners and operators with customers that are looking for used surrey bikes. We will also provide affiliate links to other surrey bikes we see posted for sale on other platforms. Beach Surrey does not warrant the condition of any of these bikes and the buyer and the seller will be responsible for any negotiations or arrangements for payment and pickup or delivery. If you have any questions or would like us to add a link to your surrey bike, please use the contact us form below.

More coming soon!

Thank you for your patience as we get this used bike page established. Please let us know if any links are out of date.

Please use the contact us form to inquire about any used or Demo bikes that we offer or if you would like to add a link to your surrey bike for sale. We cannot provide more information on bikes not sold by Beach Surrey Bikes.

Thanks! Message sent.

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