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Bikes have a one-year warranty against material defects and craftsmanship on all non electric, mechanical components which would make the bike not rideable. Electronic components have a 90 day warranty and is void with improper use, commercial use, overcharging or power surges. Warranty does not cover damage from collisions, improper use or overloading bikes with excessive weight\passengers or exposure to weather such as rain/moisture or sunlight. Warranty does not cover bikes for commercial use. Should there be a material defect, we reserve the right to replace any parts, replace your bike or offer a discount. We will work with you to replace any parts as needed, and you can always order spare or replacement parts from us beyond the warranty period.

If you need to return for any other reason, we can offer a refund less the actual cost of freight/shipping within 30 days of purchase, or the date the bike/item(s) were delivered. Purchaser is also responsible for return freight/shipping or transport costs. If the bike/part is used or damaged we can offer a partial refund based on condition.

When bikes arrive, please inspect the shipment for damages. We pack the bikes in steel frames to protect them and often the outer packaging gets damaged but the bikes are intact. If there is any damage please be sure it is noted on the paperwork so we can file a claim if necessary. If the item arrives and is destroyed or damaged beyond reasonable repair, please refuse the shipment and it will be sent back to us at no additional freight cost to you. You must provide photo evidence for use in our insurance claim with the carrier. In this case we can issue you a refund or send you a replacement if in stock.

Once you receive the bikes, we cannot ship back free of charge and any return freight costs are your responsibility. Once bikes are unpacked and assembled, they cannot be shipped via freight and must be sent via transport, which can very expensive for longer distances.  Upon receiving a returned item, we can refund the cost of the item, less the actual cost of freight (not the flat rate freight amount paid).
If you need to cancel an order, we can offer a full refund if the item has not shipped. If it has already shipped, we can offer you a refund for the purchase price, less the actual cost of freight and return freight.

Please contact us with any questions. If you have already assembled your Surrey and decide it is not a good fit for you, often the most cost effective solution is to resell in your local market. We can also assist you by listing on our used bike page.

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