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Downloadable  .pdf files

Assembly Manual

Electric Assist Installation Guide

Electric Assist Display Manual

Receiving your Surrey Bike

Unpacking your Surrey Bike

How to Assemble your Surrey Bike

Part 1: Installing the ekit on your Surrey (Install electric motor)

Part 2: Installing the ekit on your Surrey (make electrical connections)

Changing E-Surrey Display from KM to MPH

Fixing Chains

How do drum brakes work

Removing Cranks

Paint Repairs

If your bike gets scratched you can order touch up paint from us or take a piece of the frame (child seat is easiest) to your local paint store to get a color match. Below is a you tube video from Vilano Bikes on basic scratch touch up.

If you in a pinch you can also use nail polish or even a wax crown to temporarily cover the scratch until you can properly touch it up.

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