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Small family run business

We are a small family run distributor on the East Coast. Our small size and family approach enables us to operate with extremely low overhead and marketing costs. That is how we are able to keep our costs lower than our competitors who are selling the same products. We pass along savings to you! We also sell on Ebay and Amazon. Check us out there and you can see our excellent customer feedback!

How we got started:

Our family has been in the import and distribution industry since the early 1980s. We have manufactured, imported, and sold a wide range of products over the years, from bumpers and hub caps, to rifles and sports equipment. In 2015 we purchased a used Surrey bike for our family and loved it! We bought several different types of Surrey Bikes from a resort that was closing and auctioning off their equipment. We were surprised at how fast the used bikes sold and we decided to reinvest into the Surrey business. We have done the research on what is available and have partnered with several of the leading and experienced Surrey manufacturers to bring you the best value at great prices!

A little recap of the past:

Since 2016, we  have helped connect clients with the best value in Surrey bikes on the market. We had an overwhelming response and sold out all our inventory in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2019 we worked to widen our range of bike options so that Beach Surrey has something to offer all of our customers. We are now offering electric pedal assist,  green and yellow color options, parts and accessories, the roadster model, and financing! 2019 was an amazing growth year for us. We added several new rental operators across the country and even our own local city as a customer.

In 2020 we were working hard to keep our prices low, but saw cost increases with the new tariffs that were put in place and increased shipping costs. We also added some other fun electric vehicles!

In 2021, we started working with several new rental operators and ran out of stock on most bikes in the middle of the summer. We are also looked into recumbent trikes and may be offering them in the future.

2022... we have restocked a small quantity of the mini willys. The shipping costs have become too high so we must focus on our core product line with the Surrey Bikes. We hope freight cost will lower soon and will plan to have  more of them back in the future once costs allow. We have also added the mini chopper and electric dirt bike. Manufacturing is at capacity and ocean freight is seeing huge delays, backlogs, and cost increases. We have been forced to increase our prices some to account for the cost rise. We will do our best to plan for the longer lead times and try to keep inventory in stock as best as possible. As always get order in early before the summer to avoid the stock outs!

2023: Shipping costs have normalized and lead times are still longer than pre-covid but much better. We have created some helpful YouTube videos to show how to unpack and assemble your Surrey as well as how to install the electric pedal assist.  We plan to get more mini willys and electric dirt bikes in this summer.

Maps shows where local pick up is located from our warehouse. Our office is located at 315 Great Bridge Blvd. Unit H, Chesapeake, VA . We do not keep regular office hours but available via phone, text or email just about any time!

Please complete the information to the right to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible. You can also call us just about any time at the number below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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