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Electric Assist Single Bench Surrey NO BATTERY

Electric Assist Single Bench Surrey NO BATTERY

Get your Surrey Bike direct from Beach Surrey and save big! These bikes are fun for the whole family. Great for rides down the boardwalk, strip, through the neighborhood, or to a tailgate. Bike can hold up to 4 people. 2 adults and two small children in the front seat. Can support up to 500 lbs! There are 2 peddling seats for added speed and comfort and only one steering seat. The second steering wheel is a 'dummy' wheel.
High quality steel tube frame construction with reinforced welding.

Front and rear fenders, center floor board, enclosed chain guard, brake lever with drum brakes, headlights for night riding (battery not included), removable overhead canopy to keep the sun off you during the day. comfortable padded bench seats and child seat with seat belt.

Bikes can be picked up by yourself from our warehouse in Norfolk, VA or shipped out to a terminal near you for the cost of freight. Bikes come well packed in a large box and take approximately 2-3 hours for one person to assemble. For an added fee we can assemble locally and you can pick up or have it shipped.

Motor is 60v 1500watt with 60v 32Ah lead acid battery. has a digital LCD display to show your speed, distance, battery level and what gear you are in. 5 gears controlled by the display/controller. LED headlights are also powered by the battery.

Max range is about 40 miles but can vary based on rider weights, inclines and average speed.

Charging time is 8-10 hours.

Top speed is about 13mph

Bike is equipped with a cadence sensor on the driver side pedal. This is as safety feature to ensure you are still on the bike and prevents the bike from 'ghost riding'

Not intended to assist with hill climbs. this can burn out the motor.

Note: this product does NOT includes the LED acid batteries (heavier) installed on the bike. We are now recommending the lithium ion batteries which are much lighter weight and have a longer life. We have an affiliate link to them on our electric surrey page. You will need to purchase the battery seperately. Battery connection uses a XT-90 plug.

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