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Delux Mini Willys 1200W

Delux Mini Willys 1200W

Note, just a few left in stock from summer. Batteries have been sitting. Should work fine but battery life may be reduced. Price is reduced to reflect battery age. Recommend to replace with lighter weight lithium ion battery once these batteries can't hold a charge. Estimate 1-2 year life left with current installed batteries.



Bigger battery! Bigger Motor! Faster and more power!

Fully electric! lower noise, no exhaust, low maintenance, no fuel, no odor, no oil changes.

Great for campgrounds that do not allow engine type ATVs!


1200W motor gets up to over 20mph. 60V battery

Off road tires

max load 400lbs, weight ~300lbs depending on accessories.

This is not intended for children, must be 16 to operate.

77"L x 40"W x 48"H (with seat back) - 29" H if you remove the seat back and steering wheel for storage.

shipping dims: 77L x 48"w x 21"H

Comes with a windshield, seat back, seat belts, charger, off road tires. Does not include rear bumper with tow hitch (sold separately) does not include rear spare tire.

Decals are optional. They come as a sticker pack, and you put them on if desired.

Some assembly required; Connect seatback, seat belts, steering wheel, lower and bolt suspension and put on tires. Attach mirrors and windshield and put on decals if desired.

Will need wrench/sockets and Allen wrenches, a jack and mallet or hammer.


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