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Electric Mini Chopper

Electric Mini Chopper

Mini Chopper scooter. Fast and comfy. Feels like a minuture motorcycle. Not intended for children.


Product Size: 1600 x 340 mm Hieght: 630mm

Weight: 45kgs 4.

Tire specifications: Front 10 inch & Rear 6 inch

Maximum load: 150 kg

Top speed: ≤40 km/h 7.

Range: 30 ~ 35 km

Maximum climbing: ≤15°

Braking performance (20 km/h):Dry: ≤1 m; Wet: ≤2.5 m

Battery type: 18650 lithium-ion batteries

Capacity: 12AH

Nominal voltage: 48V

Motor models: brushless dc motor hub

Rated power: 1000W

Controller current limiting protection value: 25 ± 1A 2. Under-voltage protection value: 52 ± 0.5V V

Charger main parameters: The input voltage (ac):100–240VAC 50/60HZ 2. The output voltage (dc): 52.2 ~2.0A 3. Charging time: 6 ~ 8 hrs

Headlight, turn signals, horn. Built in blue tooth speaker.

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