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Extra Chain links

Extra Chain links

pack of standard bike chain.  These chain links come with a master link and are a great way to repair a section of your chain.You can use other standard size bike chains from other manufacturers as well, just be sure to have enough length and a chain breaker tool. We have a link on our accessories page to Amazon for this tool.


Chains are standard 1/8 by ½ bicycle chains. Chain lengths: Single Bench: 121 links, Double bench front: 145 links, back: 125 links


Why are my chains falling off??

There are a few common things to check. First check that your chains and cranks are not damaged. If a chain link is stiff or damaged it will easily fall off. Also, if the crank is wobbly the chain will fall off. If this is your case, the part(s) need to be replaced. If you have a single bench bike, or the back chain is falling off on a double, check the chain tension. The back wheels can be moved forward and backward an inch or so by adjusting the bolt, which will loosen or tighten the chain tension. The chain should not be too tight but have a little play when you press on it. If it is too tight, it will easily pop off with the slightest misassignment or break under pressure. If it is too loose, it will fall off as you are pedaling. If you have a double bench bike and the front chain is coming off, check the alignment and tension of the chain tensioner (derailleur). Be sure that the chains and sprockets line up on both the front and back chains.

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