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Mini Willys 800W

Mini Willys 800W

The all electric Mini Willys is fun fun fun! 

800W motor 48V 20AH Max. Gets up to 10-15mph. 20 mile max range on one charge.

comes with a charger. 6-8 hours charge time.

max load 400lbs, weight ~300lbs depending on accessories

comes with standard tires, windshield, seat back, dark green, optional decals, parking brake, disc brakes, headlights, turn signal, brake lights.

shipping dimensions 75.5' x 42" x 21.5

assembled dimensions 77"L x 40"W x 45.5"H (height to seat back bar) seat height is 25.5" from ground.

Vehicle comes packed inside a steel frame with the wheels, windshield and seat back removed. You will need to lift the vehicle to drop suspension and insert bolt. Then attach wheels, windshield and seat back. Sometimes holes on the seat backs are not perfectly aligned and require some force to get into alignment. 

Required tools: jack stands and jack lift, common wrenches/ratchet, allen wrench


rear bumper with ball attachment available.


This is not intended for children, must be 16 to operate. For off road use only


Shipping options to a Freight terminal for your local pickup or Door to door delivery for an added cost.

Some assembly required - Install 4 bolts for suspension, attach tires, install seat back and windshield. Some parts may require some muscle to get into position (seat back and arm rails)

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