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Roadster Surrey Four Seats

Roadster Surrey Four Seats

4 Seat Roadster Description

Relax and ride in style with the Roadster Surrey!

A fun and stylish twist to the classic surrey bike. It may look sleeker and faster, but it has about the same speed as the classic surrey. Surrey bikes are designed to be a slow cruising bike for flat smooth terrain, not a long distance/fast road bike or off-road bike. The roadster model’s biggest benefit is the adjustable seats. They can slide forward and backwards allowing for some adjustment in rider height to easy pedaling. The seats also have a high back rest and are much more comfortable to sit in. Each seat can adjust independently and pedal at its own pace. High back rest and a slight reclined position with head rest make it more comfortable. The biggest drawback is that you lose the bench which can accommodate a smaller child in the middle and the front child bench seat. Electric assist kits can also be installed on the roadster models.


Bike Dimensions:

73.5 height with canopy

120” total length (112” tire to tire, but canopy has about and 8” overhang on the back)

42” width from seat to seat

Canopy is 39” x 108”

Seat height is 29”

Front wheels 30” apart (wheel track)

Front tires are 2.25-16 inflated to 40 PSI

Rear wheels are 31.5 apart (Wheel track)

Rear tires are 2.5-18 inflated to 40 PSI

gross shipping weight: 376lbs

net weight of bike only: 315lbs


Note: some images may show accesories such as mirrors, speakers, battery box and elecric assist. This product does not included extra items. We currently do not have a step by step assembly manual or video for the roadster bikes, but it is fairly simple and we are available over the phone or through video/picture messaging if assistance is needed.


    Inventory expected to arrive late June/Early July 2024 and pre-orders will ship as soon as available
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