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Surrey Cover

Surrey Cover

Car covers specially designed for Beach Surrey Bikes!

These are great to keep the sun and rain off your bikes when you don't have another solution. Perfect for rental operators that keep bikes outside during the day and cannot cover when a quick rainstorm moves through. They have elastic to hug around the wheels and straps to tie underneath.

Not recommended for use in high winds.

Note: These are great to protect your surrey but it is recomended that you store your surrey in a garage, shed or other location not exposed to the weather for long term and permanent storage. Moisture in the air and dew can still form under the cover on your bike.

Double bench cover is made to fit our canopy support frames which measure 77" x 39.5"

Single bench cover is made to fit our canopy support frames which measure 47" x 39.5

There is an inch or two of wiggle room, but please check the measurements of your canopy support.

One year warranty.

Use small parcel shipping option.

    PriceFrom $79.95
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